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Data migration

Migrating your data to one location can help the everyday running of a business whilst reducing costs, increasing performance and giving you the power to utilise cutting-edge software to set your company apart from competitors.

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Having all of your data in one place means that it is easier to manage and build additional Data Architecture as well.

Getting all of your data into one place reduces overheads as well as reporting inconsistencies. Having one source of the truth increases the accuracy of reporting metrics which enables you to make informed decisions for your business.

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We can help you to set up an end-to-end business process that can be easily managed. One system means one version of the truth.

Part of a Data Migration is making existing processes more manageable. We can simplify the process to getting data in and data out of a system whilst maintaining data integrity. Having one version of the truth coupled with clear, digestible reporting helps provide clarity across all your infomation.

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We have performed many database migrations in our time. We can help you to have a seamless transition to your new or upgraded system.

Physical servers can be unreliable. As time goes on, the likelihood of a server outage increases indefinitely. Using a cloud based environment with a distributed system means you can have near 100% uptime for your servers.

Data Hosting

We take advantage of distributed systems within our cloud hosting suppliers which provide security, reliability and scalability for anything that needs to be hosted online. We follow ISO 27001 international guidelines on Data Security to ensure that your data is safe.

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Rest assured that your data is safe with us as we use a network architecture built to meet core security and compliance requirements.

We follow ISO 27001 security guidance. This means that we know exactly what Information Security is necessary for your business. We implement only the security controls you really need, helping you get the most from your budget.

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With cloud-based services, you only pay for what you use, which keeps the costs minimal.

Rather than static costs of a physical server, you can help keep costs down by only paying for what you actually use. A recent study showed cloud servers are 5 times cheaper.

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Using cloud-based hosting, it is easy to scale your systems all in a fraction of the time it takes a physical server to make changes.

As your business grows, it is easy to create new servers and expand into different services such as database, software, mobile analytics and networking. This way your technology stack can scale with your business.

Business Intelligence

When implemented correctly, Business Intelligence can equip you with the knowledge and understanding of your business to make decisions that are impactful and effective.

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Informed decisions

Having the relevant information at your fingertips at the right time can enable you to make the right choice when it matters most.

We believe that every decision should be backed by good analysis and Insight so you can be sure of the reason behind every decision. This means you will be able to give your customers the best and most efficient service possible.

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Advanced analytics

We use Artificial Intelligence to predict customer behaviour, identify fraud real-time and automate personalised CRM campaigns.

What is the one customer behaviour in your company that is the most important? Why are customers leaving your company? Which areas of the business can improve efficiency. We have experience to help with these and many more questions.

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Actionable insight

We specialise in giving you as much Insight from all the information you have. Reports for reporting sake is not what we are about

Valuable time is often wasted creating reports/dashboards that aren't actionable. We can help you separate the relevant from the irrelevant to find the actionable insights to ensure you aren't wasting time looking at metrics you can't impact.

Service management

There will always be issues with data and servers. Through optimisation and our expertise, we will strive to minimise the impact this has on your business.

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Peace of mind

There are always issues with data and servers but we can help minimise the impact these have on the day-to-day running of your business.

We can help minimise the impact this has on your business through implementing alerting processes, Sanity Checks and implementing a Data Governance framework. With these in place you can remove the single points of failures within your data model.

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Optimised service

We identify parts of your system that are slowing it down and strive to make them more efficient.

We continually carry out database and server optimisation to ensure that your services are running as efficiently as possible. Using the latest technology enables us to ensure your Data Warehouses can run efficiently. Without this, it's only a matter of time before issues with data latency will occur.

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Our development team have worked on multiple IT projects over decades.

If you need assistance with any of the following, we can help: SQL, NoSQL, Python, R, Java, Big Data, Ruby, VBA, .NET, WebDev, PHP and much more.